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SEO Expert In Bhilai

Are you a business owner or an Solo-prenuer?

Who wants to rank their business on first page of Google but can’t able to do that because there are no one who’s an SEO expert in Bhilai.

At the same time you can’t understand and learn SEO because it takes a long time to learn and implement.

Then your search ends here because in this article we will be introducing you with an SEO expert in Bhilai who had a great track record of ranking websites on google first page.

Without wasting your time let’s get in to it.

Rank #1 on Google: Trusted SEO Expert In Bhilai

SEO Expert In BhilaiAnkit Thakur
Experience in SEO Field 5+ Years
Contact Number7987596493

Ankit Thakur is one of the best SEO Experts in Bhilai who can make your business rank in first page of google why? because he’s in this field of SEO for more than 5 years and have ranked multiple websites on 1000’s of keywords of clients as well as his own websites.

To prove you that he’s is the Best SEO expert in Bhilai let me give you some data:

1. Personal Website 1

This is one of his own website where he had ranked 23k keywords and the website is having an authority score of 38 along with that the website had 122k backlinks.

Not only that the website is getting 100k – 200k traffic per month and the most interesting part is that he doesn’t even working on the domain.

2. Personal Website 2

This is 3 month old website in which we have started working from past 1 month and the website had started ranking on 200+ keywords and gain authority of 6.

And the best part is that the website is also being approved by Google adsense.

3. Client website

This is one of client website stats which is an ecommerce website where recently working with them we had make them ranking in first page of google in a span of 1 months.

As you can see in the image that the website is ranking for around 60+ keywords we have gained domain authority of 8.

Why? because having an experience of more than 5 years Ankit had learned lot many methods which can help business to rank on the first page of google.

But because of the agreement & privacy we can’t show you the domain which we are working on.

4. Digi jugad

Ankit has also worked as an SEO executive for more than 1 year in Digi Jugad where he had helped the company website to get ranked on multiple targeted keywords in 1st page of google.

Earlier the website isn’t ranking on any keywords also the most interesting part that still they were ranking on all those keywords.

5. Youtube SEO

Not only we are expert in website ranking but we had multiple clients on Youtube SEO as well where we have given them views and ranking where we had ranked their videos on targeted keywords.

And one of my personal experimental Youtube channel we had generated millions of views and ranked the videos on targeted keywords as you can see in the image as well.

So, these are the stats which shows that Ankit Thakur is having Knowledge, experience and Results to showcase.

This makes him one of the best SEO experts in Bhilai.


So, after showing you all the data of website and results we can proudly say that Ankit thakur is one of the best SEO Expert in Bhilai and not only in Bhilai but overall Chhattisgarh.

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