About Us

At Everything About SEO is one of the few websites where you can get all the knowledge related to SEO in this website you can get useful resources to learn SEO and start your SEO journey or Career.

The main mission and vision of this website is to provide a user every aspects of SEO such that they can easily learn and implement SEO strategies which can either help them to get a job or help their business to rank higher on google and get more business.

Founder Story:

Ankit Thakur

The founder of Everything About SEO is Ankit Thakur an SEO Enthusiast who always in found of new SEO strategies or tips to grow his traffic or client websites.

He had 5+ years of experience in the field of SEO industry where he had helped many business boost their search rankings and get growth in their business organically.

Not only that he had his own personal website where he had implement different SEO strategies which had helped him to get 200k -500k traffic with 3-4 months of implementing the strategy.

But now, he is on the road to share his 5+ years of experience in the field of SEO to those who want to start their SEO journey or grow their business by driving more traffic.

Currently I am Working as an SEO professional, WordPress & Shopify Website developer at Digi Jugad.

Founder Backstory:

Earlier in the days of 2017-18 I have started my SEO journey from where i have started Blogging and SEO but because not having good amount of knowledge I failed.

But being an enthusiast i have keep on learning more about SEO then slowly i have learned SEO from different websites, courses and people.

Then I got to know that there are many courses in the market which were just fake or bogus that people are buying in-order to learn SEO but those things you can learnt for free.

So, now I have decided to share my SEO knowledge to other people who wanted to learn SEO for free.